The general staff of the hotel industry make up an integral part of the hotel environment. The CBT videos listed below allow new and current employees remain up-to-date with the proper training and procedures. From our LM201 module that can be used to train all employees of the hotel, to learning modules specific to a particular job position, there is a CBT for everyone.


We currently offer the following learning modules for the General Staff, Managers and First Responders:
General Orientation (LM201) Aimed at an overall introduction to the work environment to all employees who are new to the hotel. The contents combine general information about working in any hotel environment with rules and guidelines specific to the hotel they are currently employed at.  Read More Download Brochure 
Departmental The hotel environment consists of numerous departments that function in a cohesive unit in order to properly maintain the hotel’s operation in good working order. Through numerous learning modules, each department in the hotel has the opportunity to train their employees in an interactive and time efficient manner. Read More Download Brochure

First Responders This learning module aims to train hotel staff on the principles and practical aspects of the duties of first responders. The trainee will gain understanding of core procedures when arriving first to an incident. Training includes addressing who qualifies to be a first responder as well as first aid, fire safety, and medical procedures. Read More Download Brochure 
  Managerial Interactive learning modules that are aimed at teaching and developing the skills needed to be an asset to the hotel environment at the managerial level. The learning modules will discuss precise roles and procedures that are consistent to all managers of the hotel, as well as specific subjects for the many different managerial positions. Read More Download Brochure